Children in crisis, our children, should never feel alone.
Together, we can make each child feel safe. Wanted. And loved. 

All the support you need.

Whether you foster, volunteer, or give, we are committed to providing you the support you need to give children the support they need. “Alone” is not in our vocabulary.

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Ways to help

No. 01


and be a
safe haven
in troubled

No. 02


the gift
of your

No. 03


we all

Stories of Success

  • Babies need a lot of love and care.

  • This is a community with a good heart.

  • Our son has a new life in front of him.

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Are you an expecting mom or a family with a baby up to 3 months old? Then please join us for The Children’s Shelter’s Free (virtual) Baby Shower! Participants will receive parenting tips, diapers, wipes, goodie bags and more! Spaces are limited, so please be sure to RSVP, ASAP, if you’d like to join. RSVP details are below: See MoreSee Less
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